You can’t work effectively on a product or service if you don’t have a clear understanding of what it’s for and what it’s trying to achieve.

Sounds like common sense doesn’t it, but do you feel absolutely clear on the strategy behind what you’re working on right now?

I definitely…

This week : Service pillars, working in the open, practicing what you preach, remote working benefits, reducing screen fatigue and the joys of side projects

Walker skating on frozen floodwater in a field from the River Avon in Keynsham
Keynsham’s new temporary ice rink

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Service ‘pillars’

I’ve been working on a report this week that identifies where, how and why the service…

This week : Asking for feedback, research analysis, serendipity, how to be lucky, resilience, shoplifting, gritter trucks and failing

Frosty hedgerow with houses in the distance
It has been freezing in Bristol this week

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What have I been doing this week?

Analysing research

I’ve been really enjoying working with Julie to analyse the findings from our research looking to evaluate the service that provides…

Conducting challenging research, UX meet ups , David Hieatt, walking meetings, good design, goats and occasional coffee tables.

A walking meeting along the Avon was just the tonic to decompress after a challenging week of research

Archive : Week 1 | Week 2


It’s been a challenging week, but in a good way.

We’ve been conducting research with people with a diagnosis of severe mental illness to…

The end of the snowman (sad times) and beginnings of snowdrops (hope!)


Our discovery research looking at the physical health check service for people with severe mental illness is gathering pace nicely.

A simple but super fruitful question that helped get to the nub of the issue with service providers was ‘What feels like the most fundamental problem that exists within…

Ok, week 1.


I’m currently on a brief soujourn to our public sector/ gov team where I’m focussing on health related service design projects and loving it.

We’ve spent part of the week speaking to various people who are involved with delivering a service in the UK that provides…

I used to love watching a TV programme called Trade Secrets.

Each episode featured a different profession such as gardeners, plumbers and blacksmiths who would share their trade secrets.

I loved it because it gave a fascinating insight into what people do all day at work and how they had…

I went to a lecture by Martin Parr earlier this week which has set my brain whirring.

I’ve tried to record as much as I could remember from the lecture which was full of great advice.

In addition I’ve watched an unhealthy amount of Martin Parr video on Youtube this…

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