UX Trade Secrets

Butlers share their trade secrets

Trade secrets for everyday project work

Remind yourself repeatedly throughout a project — ‘What problem are we supposed to be solving?!’

Create a shared understanding of what you are working towards as early as possible

Always ask the ‘stupid’ questions

Trade secrets to help you to stay motivated

Always look to try something different or to do something new in every project

Have a side project

Trade secrets for conducting research

Use a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything

Double check your tech set up and do a test run

Trade secrets for creating new opportunities

Go to people with ideas

Stop trying to sell

Meet people face to face as soon as possible

Trade secrets for healthier ways of thinking and working

Design is never finished

Get out of the office and into the real world

Treat everything as a hypothesis




Experience Director @cxpartners | UX | Product | Photography

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James Chudley

James Chudley

Experience Director @cxpartners | UX | Product | Photography

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